Roughneck Radiator is the premier service provider to the fracking, heavy equipment, mining, coil tubing and gas compression industries.

Our services include:

  • radiator repair
  • radiator rebuilds
  • radiator recores
  • exhaust manifold repair on 3516,3512, 3508, 3306, 3304, 342, 855, 3406 & more
  • rod out coolers
  • retube coolers
  • welding services available that includes the manufacturing of skids, vessels and any kind of repairs that might be needed. ASME, “R” and “U” stamps
  • hydro testing
  • flange bearings
  • pillar block bearings
  • fan blower housing rebuilds
  • fan shroud repair
  • grill guard repair
  • wash your radiator packages on site
  • clean and test of inner/after coolers
  • surge tank cleaning
  • charge air cooler repair
  • hydraulic cooler repair
  • fuel cooler repair
  • power end cooler repair
  • engine oil cooler repair
  • tube and shell cooler repair- large and small
  • repositioning of coolers on frac pumps
  • walk ins for automotive, tractors, construction, etc… welcome

Servicing all of your heat transfer needs.

Meeting deadlines is our commitment to you as a customer.

OEM quality without the OEM prices.